Giza Pyramids, Sakkara, Dahsur & Memphis

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Ths tour includes four major sites that will fulfill your bucket list and will leave you with no question marks in the head. Enjoy a full-day tour to four main sites that will help you track the evolution of the royal tomb from the very beginning starting from Sakkara where some Mastabas were built passing by the Step Pyramid in Sakkara that was built by King Zoser in the Third Dynasty, then you will get to see the Pyramids of Dahshur built by King Senefru. Then you will be making your way your way to Giza Pyramids you will stop at Memphis, a capital that was stablished by King Narmer 3300 BC.


    * Entrance fees to the areas.

    *A friendly and knowledgeable egyptologist.

    * Lunch

    *Bottled water.

    *A comfortable vehicle with a/c.

    *Permissions, taxes and fees.

    *24/7 customer assistance


    * Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary(tickets to enter the pyramids and tombs)

    * Beverage at the restaurant.

    * Gratuities and tipping


A Detailed Itinerary

Our tour guide will be waiting for you in the lobby at 08:00 am to pick you for your full-day tour and once you board the vehicle he and the driver will be welcoming you and the guide will start telling you about your programme then he will be ready to answer all your questions.A histrical feedback about the sites is going be explained by him till you get to the first destination of Sakkara, the Memphite Necropolis, that includes the first sone construction in the whole world which is the Step Pyramid that was built by King Zoser in the third dynasty which dates back to the 27th century BC. Then the guide will escort you to Dahsur to see the two pyramids built  bySenefru; the Bent Pyramid & the Red Pyramid, then there will be free time for shopping before you get to visit Memphis, the oldest capital of Egypt that eas established by King Narmer 3200 BC then you will stop for lunch at an authentic Egyptian restaurant near to Giza Pyramids  that will be visited later after having lunch.After a short drive to the pyramids, you will visit the Great Pyramid of Khufu 2560BC and all the other  pyramids as a cluster, followed by a short camel ride before you get to see the Great Sphinx, then you will be dropped off at your hotel.



    0 Years to 1.99 years of age: Free of charge.

    2 years to 4.99 years of age: 50% from the full rate.

    5 years to 11.99 years of age: 75% from the full rate


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